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Sublime is a signature for luxurious contemporary living and hospitality services. Sublime manages a portfolio of offerings that provide exclusive boutique experiences focused on the island of Crete and expanding from uber-premium hospitality and accommodation to luxury bespoke events.

Elea Villas are a cluster of four exclusive, uber-premium villas in the Chania region, Crete. All villas are in selected locations, situated amidst the lush, rugged Cretan landscape, offering breathtaking vistas of the Cretan Sea and the majestic White Mountains. Elea Villas philosophy combines high, minimalist aesthetics and discreet luxury with eco-friendly materials and contemporary construction methods that ensure energy-savings. They may accommodate up to 10 people each and provide an ideal canvas for boutique wedding experiences.

We have created LA MER Resort and Spa for those who dream to escape into a serene haven of beauty and indulgence, in order to rejuvenate and re-connect with themselves and their significant other. Located on a beautiful pebble coast, with magnificent views of the blue Aegean Sea and the rugged Cretan landscape, LA MER Resort & Spa offers a peaceful, adults-only, ultra-stylish ambience for those seeking to explore life’s pleasures. We have carefully designed a portfolio of services targeted to heighten all senses through flavors, sounds, aromas, sensations and vistas. We believe that though the senses we humans are able to access the experience of “living in the moment”. In that sense our senses become the gate that leads us towards a more conscious, mindful everyday living experience.

WedGreece is a Destination Wedding and Event Planner providing bespoke services with a modern outlook and a luxury edge. It is the only Greek event-planning agency that provides 360o, integrated services, from A to Z, spanning from travel reservations to guest gifts and memorabilia. Combining bewildering Greek destinations and venues with its tailor-made concepts and services, WedGreece turns any event to a unique, memorable, dream-like experience.