In Gelasakis group of companies we honor our homeland, Crete, and our affiliation to seafaring and travel and support local causes and projects and actions.

We have been actively contributing to initiatives led by the local Hellenic Navy, the Souda Water Sports Public Center, the Chania Music School as well as other local maritime and tourism stakeholders.

Sponsorship to the 1st EPAL in Chania
Gelasakis Group of Companies supports the students of the 1st EPAL in Chania and contributes to the implementation of student activities.

CARWIZ, the gold sponsor of CHANIA FC for the 2023-2024 football season
In an effort to strengthen the local community and promote the benefits of sports, CARWIZ is actively supporting CHANIA FC's 2023–2024 season.

Christmas Night 2023 at Moraitis School
Gelasakis Group of Companies supports the annual Christmas bazaar at Moraitis School.

Celebration for Independence Day - French Embassy in Greece 2023
GELASAKIS Group of Companies had the honor to participate once again in the celebration of French National Day in Athens. As a sponsor of the two-day events organized on the 12th and 13th of July, was present in supporting the strong and long-standing Greek French relationship of solidarity and trust.

Gelasakis Group of companies sponsors the exhibition Paper Poetry in Chania
The Paper Poetry exhibition, 1-29/7/23, presents the outstanding work of two female visual artists, Marigo Kassi and Xin Song, at the Megalo Arsenali in Chania. Artists, with special skill, use paper as a means of expression in their works. Gelasakis Group, wanting to contribute to the promotion of the pioneer exhibition of the projects in Chania, is very honoured to participate as a sponsor.

Gelasakis Group (Gelasakis Group of Companies) and its car rental sector, with the
companies LET'S DRIVE and CARWIZ, featuring in their colours the Peugeot 208, driven by Paschalis Chatzimarkou, who participates in the "EKO Acropolis Rally" 2022.

GELASAKIS GROUP is the official sponsor of the football team ARIS Souda
GELASAKIS GROUP gladly took over the sponsorship of A.P.S. ARIS Souda with the mood of the official appearance of the team.

Donate to fire victims of Eastern Mani
GELASAKIS GROUP helps the fire victims of Eastern Mani, undertaking with its vehicles the transport of humanitarian aid to basic necessities collected by the Municipality of Apokoronas, Chania.

Donate to Crete Naval Hospital
Gelasakis Group of Companies actively supports public health by providing a metal hut at the Naval Hospital of Crete.

Open Tournament Beach Tennis
GELASAKIS Group supports Open Tournament Beach Tennis

Celebrations for French Independence Day - French Embassy 2019
GELASAKIS Group present once again in the French national day celebration at the French Embassy in Greece

Sailing Club Chania
GELASAKIS Group supports Sailing Club Chania

Invitation of benefactors from the Eleftherios K. Venizelos Foundation
The GELASAKIS Group was awarded by the National Research and Research Foundation Eleftherios K. Venizelos for his continued contribution.

French Embassy in Greece 2018
GELASAKIS Group present once again in the French national day celebration at the French Embassy in Greece

Linkwise's Travel affiliate event
GELASAKIS group present at Linkwise's 1st specialized Travel affiliate event, as grand sponsor.

El. Venizelos Sports Club
GELASAKIS Group supports El. Venizelos sports club

French Embassy in Greece 2017
GELASAKIS Group present in the French national day celebration at the French Embassy in Greece 2017

Aris Souda football club
GELASAKIS Group supports Aris Souda football club

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