Gelasakis group of companies is a privately-owned business group based in Greece and operating across the globe.

The group's activities are focused on three core sectors: travel, maritime services and hospitality.

Gelasakis group is committed to excellence, reliability and sustained business growth. The group's vision of success is about nurturing a thriving workplace, forging strong business partnerships and investing responsibly in the local community.

Since 1984 Gelasakis companies, wholly owned by the Gelasakis family, are developing rapidly into some of the most dynamic businesses in Greece.

Owing to family legacy, the Travel and Maritime sectors have been traditionally the powerhouses of the group's outstanding performance.

Since 2012 Gelasakis has expanded its portfolio to include hospitality services with a focus on premium and luxury experiences.

Combining strong expertise, effectiveness and a human-centric philosophy, Gelasakis Group has been developing synergies into a central feature of growth within our activities. Its people are working closely with business partners to help identify value-adding solutions for increased performance and effectiveness and explore further opportunities for expansion and development.

Gelasakis group is being acknowledged as a trusted partner by the main shipping companies in Greece, such as Blue Star Ferries, Superfast Ferries, Hellenic Sea Ways as well as a preferred services provider to cruise ships, cargo ships, navy ships etc.

Gelasakis group honors its affiliation to seafaring and travel by actively supporting initiatives led by the Hellenic Navy, the local maritime and tourism industries and local community marine sports federations.

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