Silver Spirit - Operation at Souda Harbor

A luxurious cruise ship offers support to institutions of Chania.

The donation of the equipment of the cruise ship "Silver Spirit", Bahamas flagged, was realized at a special event at the port of Souda, on Friday 2 March 2018, in the presence of local authorities.

The equipment of the 195ml cruise-ship, with a capacity of 608 passenger and 412 crew members, owned by the company Silversea Cruises, of Manfredi Lefebvre d'Ovidi, was donated, free of charge and without the aim of commercial exploitation, in an effort to support the work of major social structures in the area of Chania, where the ship realizes port-visits.

"The company, wishing to support the project of the social structures of the Municipality of Chania, will offer a wide range of items of the ship, since Silver Spirit will enter dry dock at the industry-leading Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo on March 5, where she will remain until the beginning of Μay 2018, in order to undergo long-scale refurbishment works", stated the Greek director and representative of Silversea Cruises in Greece, Spyros Albertis (Manager Port Ops). "It is a minimum contribution to the local community in return for the warm hospitality it offers to our ship as well as to the travelers who choose us for their holidays and get acquainted with the beauties of the area of Chania. At the same time, it is a symbolic recognition for the great importance of the port of Souda, which for years provides us with high-quality services, in the planning of our port-visits"Mr. Albertis added.

During the last decade, the Port Authority of the prefecture of Chania, in cooperation with the Municipality and Regional Unity of Chania (former Prefecture), as well as the private actors in the maritime tourism of the city, has made great efforts to promote the central port of the prefecture of Chania, Souda, but also the anchorage at the Venetian Harbor of the old city of Chania.

The decision of Silversea Cruises to lead Silver Spirit to an approach at the port of Souda, prior to its docking, is a unique opportunity for international promotion and emblematic advertising of the city and the region of Chania. At the same time, with this gesture, Silversea Cruises states that the Prefecture of Chania has now entered dynamically the radar of cruise-companies world-wide, and rewards the fruitful and sustained efforts of local actors for the development of marine tourism.

The Gelasakis Shipping Agency, which was nominated to act as a shipping agent for Silver Sea Cruises during the port-call of the ship, worked with dedication on the organization and smooth execution of the operation. It is worth noting that after all these concerted efforts, nearly 4,000 objects in excellent condition, such as sofas, chairs, armchairs, curtains, offices, etc., were given to the structures of the Municipality of Chania.

A few words about Silversea Cruises

Since its foundation in the early 1990s, Silversea Cruise has consistently served the cruise sector, offering high-quality services and including unique destinations all over the world in its itineraries. Silversea is one of the last cruise companies to be owned by private individuals, with nine luxury cruise ships (Silver Spirit, Silver Wind, Silver Mouse, Silver Discoverer, Silver Shadow, Silver Whisper, Silver Galapagos and Silver Explorer ) and a crew of 100 to 540 members, each. It has a global portfolio of routes inter-continentally and over 900 destinations worldwide. In Greece it routes three of its nine cruise ships with dozens of port-visits to different ports. The headquarters of the cruise company are based in Monaco and while maintaining branches in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.

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