Michalis Papyrakis is the new commercial director of Let's Ferry

Mr. Michalis Papyrakis joined LET’S FERRY team as its commercial director. It is an important addition to the team of LET’S FERRY as Mr. Papyrakis has extensive experience in the distribution of online tourism with a long presence in airline and ferry tickets, but also in the field of transportation and leisure.

He has been a Sales Director for aferry.com since its launch until recently and contributed the most for its multinational sales success. Mr Papyrakis stated : "I'm excited to be part of Let's Ferry team, with the aim of expanding our presence in European markets by offering excellent solutions and innovative services. Services that will improve the booking experience of our clients through a rich range of options and through a broad coverage of European (and beyond) ports. Mr. Papyrakis underlined : “After all, we are probably the only online distribution channel with physical presence in many ports. We have a long-term and uninterrupted presence in the traditional distribution of ferry tickets combined with a physical presence".

For her part, Christina Foteinopoulou Digital Director of LET’S FERRY underlined that the arrival of Mr. Michalis Papyrakis in the company gives a new energy to its development and its utilization of the technological innovations that it has introduced in the market. "Human resources make the difference in LET'S FERRY, evolving into a leading force with knowledge of its executives and cutting-edge technologies," added Christina Fotinopoulou, welcoming Mr. Papyrakis.

It is known that LET’S FERRY is an award-winning online booking platform that combines reliable services, speed and state-of-the-art functionality. Provides easy, fast and simplified online search and ticket booking. Especially when it comes to ferry tickets, through the website www.letsferry.com, users have the opportunity to book tickets to more than 230 ports around the world, even choosing multiple routes in a single reservation. There is also the option to book the fastest routes, at the best available prices, with easy browsing, utilization in real-time availability and absolute security of payment by credit/debit card or via PayPal.

Michalis Papyrakis