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The Organizing Committee of the International Classing Permission Meetings of the European Federation "Venizelia-Chania 2019" for our cooperation and support sends us the following thank you letter.

Taking account of Mr ANTONIOU GELASAKI
Subject: Thank you Letter from the International Athletic Meeting of "VENIZELIA-CHANIA 2019"

Dear Mr. Gerasakis,
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the International Athletic Meeting of a Strong European Federation in the Classic Permit Meetings category, "ΒΕΝΙΖΕΛΕΙΑ-CHANIA 2019", which consists of SEGAS, ΑΟ KΗΔΩΝ, ΓΣ "ΕΛ. VENIZELOS "and EAS SEGAS CRETE, we would like to express our warm thanks for your contribution to the generally accepted successful organization of the biggest sports event of our country in Classic Sport.

Co-organizers of this effort were the Region of Crete - Regional Unity of Chania, the Municipality of Chania and the Municipality of Platanias.

The international track "VENIZELIA-CHANIA 2019", which came from the association of the two Chania "Venizelia" and "Chania" Chania and the excellent cooperation of the athletic forces of the city's track and field, achieved from the first year of its performance an excellent athletic result. An indication that our city's strengths can make it an International Reference Center for the benefit of all sectors of activity.

He was therefore fairly rated by all, as the best Greek track record of recent years, combining the participation of outstanding champions and a very large number of spectators in the stands.

Over 150 athletes and athletes of high level from 17 countries (Greece, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, Iraq, USA, Great Britain, Jamaica, Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia (ANA), Hungary, Latvia), during which the following were achieved:

3 Limits for European competitions:
Sotiris Garaganis Limit for European K23 Gbelle (Sweden) 100m 10.43
Alexis Argyropoulos Limit for European K20 Bora Length 7.51
Theodoros Ziogas Limit for European K20 Bora Hammer 71.91
Best Performance in Greece (9/6/2019)
100m Women: 11.78 Sunday Samana (Aeolos of Macedonia)
400m Women: 52.04 Maria Belibasaki (Panaxiaskos AO)
100m Men: 10.43 Sotiris Garaganis (ODKA Odysseas)
Men's 800 m: 1.48.49 Christos Kotitsas (GS Kifissias)
Men's length: 8,18 m Miltos Tentoglou (GA Kifissias)
Shotgun: 19.18 m Odysseas Mouzhenidis (Centaurus Chalk)

We also offered services such as:

  • Live coverage by ERT and broadcast of matches within Pan-Hellenic and international
  • On-line results and instant online updates of the events
  • Implementation of all European Federation standards with the presence of their Technical Delegate in the field

The successful conduct of "VENIZELIA-CHANIA 2019" is largely due to the services of the travel agency "Let's Tour". The level of your service, our excellent collaboration and professionalism have made a decisive contribution to the great experience and satisfaction of the athletes, coaches, actors and employees of the organization and their desire to participate in future meetings.

Ψηφιακός Μετασχηματισμός